Boards & Commissions

The Town of Bloomfield has 38 Boards and Commissions, along with the Town Council and Town Manager, who help establish and administer Town policies and procedures. The Boards and Commissions are categorized into different subgroups listed in the following.

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Mayoral Ad-Hoc Committees

ARPA Community Outreach Taskforce: The ARPA Community Outreach Taskforce shall provide recommendations to the Town Council on the expenditure of approximately $1.6 million American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) funding.

Bloomfield Humanities Committee: The Bloomfield Humanities Committee is committed to celebrating the rich diversity of Bloomfield-working to increase cultural awareness, understanding, and positive relationships, all while fostering civic engagement.

Design Review Board: The Bloomfield Design Review Board (BDRB) will receive and respond to referrals from the Town Plan and Zoning Commission. The BDRD may also receive and respond to referrals from the Town Council and Administration for any public or private building projects located in the Town Center, or elsewhere, deemed to benefit from review.

Library Building Committee: The Building Committee is charged with seeking a new facility for Prosser Public Library, either by renovating and expanding the current building or another alternative. The overriding objective of the project is to effectively, economically and responsibly maximize library space, to provide the most benefit, from a library services perspective, to the community of Bloomfield.

Rockwell Park Study Design Planning Team: The Rockwell Park Study Design Planning Team will advise and support the scope and budget of the project in order to provide an efficient and effective Regional community sports park/complex capable of addressing the needs of the community.

Trails Committee: The members of the Trails Committee shall serve as the voice of the community and work to capture recommendations for improvement and/or maintenance to be shared with the Town Council and/or the liaison to the committee, the Town Manager and/or their designee

Appointed by Town Council

Beautification Committee (BBC): The Beautification Committee is a volunteer committee that promotes and facilitates activities that improve the appearance of the public gardens in the Town of Bloomfield. The committee recommends and plans beautification projects with the support of the Department of Public Works.

Bloomfield Housing Authority: The Bloomfield Housing Authority manages 17 housing units for low- and moderate-income residents at various locations scattered throughout Bloomfield.

Board of Assessment Appeals: The BAA hears taxpayer appeals of their tax assessments. In March, the BAA meets to hear appeals of real estate, business personal property, and supplemental motor vehicle assessments. In September, the BAA strictly discusses regular motor vehicle assessment appeals.

Commission on Aging: The mission of the Commission on Aging is to honor the dignity and diversity of our citizens who are age 55 or older through health, nutrition, transportation, and social programs that support and enhance their quality of life.

Conservation, Energy and Environment Committee: The CEEC advises the Town Council on a variety of conservation, renewable energy, and energy usage in town. They also may investigate factors detrimental to the physical environment of Bloomfield, and may investigate laws, regulations, and programs pertaining to pollution control and abatement.

Emergency Medical Systems Committee: The EMS Committee may provide the Council with a periodic summary of Bloomfield EMS Systems, and create and implement activities to foster support and interest in current Bloomfield EMS programs.

Fair Rent Commission: The Bloomfield Fair Rent Commission exists to maintain reasonable rental rates and facilitate fair rental increases on residential properties in town. The Commission will investigate and act on complaints and inquiries, and will make appropriate referrals.

Filley Park Committee: The Filley Park Committee is tasked with overseeing any fundraising efforts for donations dedicated to the renovation, upkeep, and/or replacement of park environs.

Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission: The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission (IWWC) is responsible for the preservation and protection of the inland wetland and watercourse resources in the Town of Bloomfield as authorized by the State of Connecticut Inland Wetlands Act. The Commission is responsible for and enforces the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations of the Town.

Juvenile Review Board: The Juvenile Review Board provides a community-based alternative and diversionary program for juvenile offenders from Bloomfield who are at risk of being referred to local courts or the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Public Art Commission: The Public Art Commission aims to enrich the Town's visual landscape with works of art and to support quality artistic opportunities for residents, workers and visitors to experience and to enjoy.

Parks and Recreation Committee: The Recreation Committee works with the Director of Leisure Services concerning policies, programs, and fees.

Youth Adult Council: The Youth Adult Council works with the Youth Services Coordinator to establish programs and resources to benefit Bloomfield's youth.

Appointed by Town Manager

Economic Development Commission/Development Agency: The Economic Development Commission was established by ordinance for the purpose of carrying out the powers conferred upon the town by Section 7-137b of Chapter 97 and by Chapter 131 of the General Statutes and by any and all laws amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto.

Town Council Subcommittees

Administration/Education: This subcommittee is responsible for government relations, central offices and services. Focuses on communications, major capital projects, economic development, financial management, personnel management, facilities maintenance/management, and infrastructure maintenance/management.

Committee on Committees: This subcommittee is responsible for making recommendations to the full Town Council for appointments to Boards and Commissions.

Community Services Committee: This subcommittee is responsible for reviewing and updating health and social services, including youth and senior citizen services, housing, historic preservation, libraries, parks and recreation and cemeteries.

Finance Committee: The role of this subcommittee is to provide an opportunity for detailed discussion and consideration of financial matters, with regular reporting to the full Town Council.

Golf Committee: This subcommittee is responsible to provide an overview of the Wintonbury Hills golf operations and make recommendations to the General Manager and subcommittee members regarding necessary capital improvements, the operation of the facilities, and the golfing fee structure.

Land Use and Economic Development Committee: The subcommittee reviews land use and economic development-related items which have been referred to it by the Town Council. These items may include plans and proposed Town actions that were originally referred to the full Council by other relevant Boards and Commissions including, but not limited to, the Town Plan and Zoning Commission (TPZ), The Economic Development Commission (EDC) and the Conservation Energy and Environment Committee (CEEC).

Public Safety Committee: The role of the Public Safety Sub-Committee is to improve the safety, well-being and quality of life for the citizens of Bloomfield, by examining and reporting on management practices, methods and programs used by The Police Department, Bloomfield Fire, Blue Hills Fire, Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance and Bloomfield Emergency Operations. The Sub-Committee reports and makes recommendations to the full council for consideration and adoption.


Board of Education: The Board of Education represents the residents of the Town in carrying out the mandates of the General Statutes pertaining to education, and determines all questions of general policy to be employed in the conduct of the schools.

Library Board of Trustees: The Board of Trustees of the Bloomfield Public Library governs the library by overseeing and recommending financial, administrative, and service objectives, and by strengthening, through advocacy, the library's standing within the Town of Bloomfield. The board works closely with the Library Director in helping the library adhere to the values in its mission statement and achieve the goals outlined in its strategic plan.

Town Plan and Zoning Commission: The Town Plan and Zoning Commission (TPZ) guides residential and commercial development in Bloomfield through zoning and subdivision regulations.

Zoning Board of Appeals: The Zoning Board of Appeals listens to and decides on appeals made by residents or commercial developers regarding the enforcement of the Town's Zoning Regulations.

Town Staff

Local Road Safety Committee: The Local Road Safety Committee (LRSC) is a Town staff committee made up of representatives of the Police Department, Public Works, Planning, and Engineering. The Town Council will set up a priority list of prospective traffic calming locations based on the scoring system set up in the Traffic Calming Manual and implemented by the LRSC.

Boards & Commissions