Filley Park Committee


Name Political Affiliation Term of Office
June O'Connor Republican 11/23
Roseanne Azarian Democrat 11/23
Cindy Harrison-Odum Democrat 11/23
Denise Robertson Democrat 11/23
Shirley Williams Democrat 11/23
Patrick DeLorenzo Republican 11/23

Filley ParkOverview

For decades, Filley Park has been an icon of Bloomfield's identity: a mixture of an urban and a natural, rural environment in a picturesque setting. The park, however, is in need of a renewal to continue to serve the Town in its iconic role, presenting Bloomfield as a state-of-the-art community firmly rooted in its history; a desirable blend of vitality and serenity; a locality serving the needs of its residents while protecting and furthering its culture and environment.

The Town Council has recognized this need. In 2008, the Council appointed the Filley Park Committee to work with Town Staff to jointly develop a program to renovate Filley Park. The Filley Park Committee is also tasked with overseeing any fundraising efforts for donations dedicated to the renovation, upkeep, and/or replacement of the park environs. The Filley Park Committee meets on an as-needed basis as dictated by the program, usually at 6:45 pm in Conference Room Number 2 (next to the Council Chambers) at Town Hall, 800 Bloomfield Avenue.