Operations Division

The Public Works Operations Division is the primary manpower component for all Field Operations activities, which encompasses town road and grounds services and selects Board of Education's grounds services. The Operations Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for streets and highway maintenance, park and grounds maintenance, and the oversight of solid waste collection. This also includes asset management for then-owned items such as sidewalks, signs, appurtenances and roads. The Division is also responsible for management of street lights, roadway resurfacing, pavement markings, trees and guard rails. Street and highway maintenance includes removal of snow, sand, litter and other debris from within the Town's accepted rights-of-way.

Parks and grounds maintenance includes all town parks and public spaces. This involves turf management, ornamental pruning, landscaping, roadside mowing, and tree removals and trimming.

Solid Waste Management is conducted primarily through a contract with All-American Waste Services. The agreement runs through June of 2026. This includes collection, transportation and disposal of municipal solid waste and recyclables from residential properties and municipal buildings and schools.