The Facilities Division consists of an in-house staff that consists of 5 Building Custodians, 1 Building Maintainer, and 1 Lead Building Maintainer that are responsible for the cleaning, maintenance, and improvement of 7 buildings totaling about 185,000 square feet


Stephanie Turner 

Stephanie is our newest custodian to join the facilities team and is assigned to 330 Park Avenue in the evenings. She is also assigned to cover any absences we may have experienced during the day so that all buildings are regularly serviced. 

Michael Edwards

Michael is assigned to our Town Hall facility and works in the evening. Michael is responsible for cleaning the facility and the many setups associated with various meetings that take place during the day. 

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Deanna Coolidge

Deanna is our senior custodial staff member and is assigned full time to the Human Services Center. Deanna is responsible for the cleaning and many setups that take place in our busiest facility. She has formed many friendships with our seniors and is always asked for by our residents who visit the building.

Quantas Forsythe

Quantas is assigned currently to our Public Library and Police Department. He is an excellent team player and is always willing to assist our department as needed with coverage and special assignments.

Allie Floyd

Allie is our newest addition to the facilities team and comes aboard with many years of experience. She will initially be covering the Wintonbury Library, Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance and Public Works facility and rotate through the portfolio for cross-training.

Building Maintainer

Christopher Ceglia

Christopher has joined our team in May of 2023. Christopher brings many years of building maintenance experience with him and previously worked for the Enfield Housing Authority. Christopher is an excellent addition to our Facilities staff and is responsible for the repair and monitoring of all building systems. 

Lead Building Maintainer

 There is currently a vacancy for this position.