Bloomfield has a diverse and thriving wildlife population including, but not limited to:

Bats, bears, beavers, bobcats, coyotes, deer, eagles, fisher cat, foxes, groundhogs (woodchucks), hawks, lynxes, opossums, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, snakes, turkeys, and the occasional moose or mountain lion.

Education is vital in understanding how our human world can more successfully coexist with the wild world. Wild animals are not to be tamed, petted, approached, or encouraged to reach contact distance with humans. Feeding wild animals, intentionally or unintentionally by the placement of garbage or attractant, typically ends badly for the animal. Removal of bird feeders from a yard will discourage wildlife from entering. The same is true of cleaning your grill after use and storing it in a shed or garage. Place your garbage cans away from the side of your house, and in a garage or storage container if possible. Wildlife that has the option of an easy meal like your leftovers versus hunting for a meal, will always choose the path of less exertion.

Nuisance animals such as raccoons, skunks, foxes, and groundhogs are a common problem in neighborhoods, as they have become highly acclimated to humans and their lifestyles. Fox can and will nest in a backyard that has a natural debris pile of cut limbs, fallen trees, composted leaves, etc. Raccoons and opossums will nest anywhere, including under a deck, in a tree, in attics, and in unused cars. Skunks burrow underground, making a depression in the ground, typically under a bush or shrub, but can also pick a spot under your porch or deck. Bloomfield Animal Control does not respond to calls of nuisance animals unless they are injured or so severely sick that humane euthanasia is necessary. CT Rabies Advisory protocols are that any Rabies vector species (skunk, fox, raccoon, bat, and coyote) be dispatched on the property upon which it was found, and not be removed from the property alive. Bloomfield Animal Control will provide the name and contact information for a reputable and trusted nuisance wildlife company to assist those residents who have healthy wildlife creating a problem on their property and who desire to have these animals removed.