Town Manager's Office

Stanley HawthroneThe Town Manager's Office is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Town of Bloomfield, including carrying out policy set by the Town Council, preparing the annual budget and presenting it to the Town Council, and supervising the activities of the Town Departments.


Dear Bloomfield Neighbors,

After careful thought and consideration, I am sharing my notice of retirement effective with the conclusion of the two year term of my employment contract or August 30, 2023. Hopefully, this early notice will provide a head start to the Town Council for an appropriate succession process for the next Town Manager. I am fully confident in Assistant Town Manager Sharron Howe’s preparation and ability to serve as Acting or Interim Town Manager, if needed during the transitional period. She has advised me that she is not interested in seeking the permanent position.

Our collective efforts to date have generated accomplishments for which I am proud including the temporary fiscal year 2023 millage rate reduction of 1.05 mills ($2.6 million) for the relief of Bloomfield’s property owners; the organizational realignment for more effective governmental operations codified this past summer; the unveiling of an easy to understand and reference five year community investment plan with funded projects in the current budget year of $6 million, three times more than the previous budget year; a recently awarded grant of $5.5 million in State sponsored community investment funds; an open, transparent, and focused new budgeting process for the benefit and understanding of stakeholders to promote participation by all; a comprehensive review of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our procurement and employment practices; the launching of organizational- and community-based workforce development plan initiatives; a concerted and stronger outreach to Bloomfield neighbors through the resources of the new office of strategic communications and governmental affairs; funding of a comprehensive satisfaction survey to hear from our neighbors on every aspect of Town services; dedicated resources for capital projects and grants funding particularly for new federal infrastructure programs; redevelopment of the Town Center and the Wintonbury Mall with this month’s effectuality of a redevelopment agency with related tools and powers provided through the Town’s Economic Development Commission; and very importantly, the new year’s kickoff of the community visioning process that will create a comprehensive, unified framework of values, goals, strategies, and actions that will guide the Town’s physical, social, and economic development over the next several decades.

Overall and without debate, I am most proud during my tenure of the dedicated efforts of community builders (employees) and the gracious support of the community (neighbors) for building a better Bloomfield (BBB).

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