2021 Online Lookup of Tax Payments for Income Tax Purposes

It is the responsibility of the tax payer to retain receipts or copies of paid tax bills for income tax purposes. The Tax Collector's Office does not mail out duplicate copies nor does it provide over the phone or over the counter verbal tax paid information.  Tax payers are welcome to obtain their payment information through our online system at no charge or they may come in to the office for a Payment History Report for a $1.00 fee per request. We also accept written requests through the mail for a $1.00 fee and a self addressed stamped envelope.

Instructions for Online Lookup of 2021 Tax Payment Information for Income Tax Purposes

Follow the link below to View Taxes Online

Enter name, for example Doe John (no commas)

Check the circle for IRS PAYMENT RECORDS FOR YEAR 2021

Click on SEARCH

For more detail, check the IRS box and click VIEW IRS (on the right hand side)

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