Division - Engineering

Division of Public Works

The Engineering Department provides technical expertise and other professional assistance to Boards, Commissions, other Departments, and, to a limited extent, the public, in areas of engineering, wetlands and erosion control. Provided services include:

  • Project, contract, & construction management and coordination.
  • Infrastructure project design.
  • Limited construction and compliance inspections.
  • Site evaluations and similar in-field services.
  • Plan & document review.
  • Street excavation & other rights-of-way permitting.
  • FEMA flood management administration for the Town.
  • Stormwater management administration.
  • Technical consultation.
  • Development and administration of design and construction standards.
  • Wetlands administration and staff support to the Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Commission - Wetlands Maps 
  • Infrastructure asset inventory.

Particular areas of focus include streets, sidewalks, drainage facilities, exterior site work, low impact development, facility mapping, and traffic related  issues.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jonathan Thiesse Town Engineer (860) 769-3587
Peter Castaldi Wetlands Agent (860) 769-3526
Sarah Cote Deputy Town Engineer (860) 769-3573
Thangu Narasimhan (860) 769-3525