Support Services Division

The Support Services Division consists of the Detective Unit, Community Services Unit, Records Unit and Animal Control. The staff consists of a lieutenant, two sergeants, four detectives, three officers, three records clerks, an animal control officer, and two cadets.

The Detective Unit handles major, long-term and/or highly technical criminal cases, white-collar crime, and the arrests warrant system.

Community Services is responsible for coordinating the community policing efforts of the Police Department, such as conducting neighborhood and commercial block watch groups, Citizens’ Police Awareness Academy, recruitment activities, child seat installation and assisting the Town with nuisance abatement projects and other non-traditional police activities such as neighborhood clean-ups.

Records is responsible for handling all department case reports, accident reports, pistol permits and other miscellaneous record keeping functions, including data entry, records retrieval, routing FOIA requests, administering the Citation Review Board, and assisting the public.

Youth Services/School Resources provides a daily presence at the Middle School and High School for programs and law enforcement, as well as providing assistance to the Elementary and Private/Magnet schools in the community. School Resource Officers participate in the Juvenile Review Board and assist in youth activity groups such as Police and Youth Interaction. If you would like information on how to become involved with Police and Youth Interaction activities, you may call:  860-242-5501 and ask to speak with the Community Services Officer or a School Resource Officer. 

Animal Control is responsible for taking all animal complaints within the Town including the actual response and all related administrative duties such as assisting in compliance surveys, identifying and addressing abuse situations, managing the animal shelter, conducting education and awareness seminars and coordinating with all applicable local and state entities.