Requesting Police Reports

Copies of reports may be requested on-line (MVAs only), in person at the BPD, or by mail (Motor Vehicle Accident Reports only are $5.00 and may be paid by personal check or a money order); however, State Statutes govern which reports are permitted to be copied. After a certain length of time, your report may have been destroyed according to the schedule provided by the Public Records Administration. There are many variables which may come into play in whether your report is releasable.

Accident Reports - There are no restrictions on release unless criminal charges were filed in relation to the accident. Public release must await final court disposition of any criminal charges; however, persons actually involved in the accident may obtain the record subsequent to the issuance of a warrant or summons in the matter. Accident reports, with the exception of fatalities, may be destroyed after ten years. For your convenience, Motor Vehicle Accident Reports are available, and can be purchased, on-line by clicking this link:

Active Investigations - In most cases, these records are not accessible.
Reports containing medical information - In most cases, these reports are not available except to the person involved.
Uncorroborated Allegations - Access to these is denied by law.
Juvenile Information - All requests for information must be made to the Juvenile Court. The police are statutorily forbidden from releasing juvenile arrest information. The Superior Court Juvenile Matters has a venue system which differs from the adult courts.
Certain Identities - The identities of certain persons are exempted from disclosure by statute:
Sexual Assault and Risk of Injury victims, certain witnesses (as well as signed statements from witnesses), and confidential sources.

Costs for Reports
According to State Statute, the charge is 50 cents for each side copied. In addition to the payment, written requests must also include a self-addressed stamped envelope and sent to:  The Bloomfield Police Department; Attention:  Records Unit; 785 Park Avenue; Bloomfield, CT 06002.

If you lose an infraction or summons ticket, we will also copy these for you. Requests that require special considerations may result in an increased cost, at times including labor cost.

Requests for Public Records should be submitted to our Records Unit.