Professional Standards Division

The Professional Standards Division oversees the Communications, Internal Affairs, and Training Units, Prisoner Detention and Property/Evidence Storage. The staff consists of a lieutenant, sergeant, Court Liaison/Evidence Officer, six full-time dispatchers, and one part-time dispatcher.

The Communications Unit provides the community with enhanced 911 services, coordinates the department’s telephone system, coordinates the State and local NCIC/COLLECT computer interfaces and coordinates all radio communications for the Police/EMS and other Town Departments.

The Internal Affairs Unit conducts investigations into all official internal and external administrative complaints against departmental personnel. Investigations are forwarded to the Chief of Police for review and findings

The Training Unit ensures that all officers receive their mandated State certification training, as well as all other training mandates received from local, state or federal entities, and develops and recommends policy updates and implementation. Enhanced training skills and skill mastery trainings are offered for all personnel according to their assignment and the needs of the community.