Bloomfield Town Offices Closed to the Public Until Further Notice. Essential Town Services are still being provided; contact individual departments directly for information on their modified services


All business will be conducted by appointment only: call or email during the hours of 9:00am to 5pm. A drop box at the entrance at Town Hall on the Park Avenue side of the building can accept any correspondence needing to be submitted.

              Assessor’s Office                860-769-3530        

              Building                                 860-769-3516        

              Engineering                         860-7693524          

              Finance                                 860-769-3533         

              Human Resources             860-769-3544       

              IT                                             860-769-3539        

             Library                                 860-243-9721          

             Planning & Zoning            860-769-3515          

              Registrar’s                           860-769-3540          

             Tax Collector                       860-769-3510         

             Town Clerk                           860-769-3507          

             Town Manager                    860-769-3504