Press Release - Bloomfield Repeals Executive Order on Indoor Mask Protocols Effective October 23, 2021


Attention all Bloomfield businesses - Please be advised that Emergency Order 2021-1 has been repealed by Town Manager Stanley D. Hawthorne, effective 12 :01 am on Saturday, October 23, 2021 in the Town of Bloomfield, CT.

In August 2021, the Town of Bloomfield issued Emergency Order No. 2021-1, which implemented a universal mask mandate for the Town of Bloomfield due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19. That Order stated the following:

  1. Any person in an indoor public place in Bloomfield who does not maintain a safe social distance of approximately six feet from every other person shall cover their mouth and nose with a mask or cloth face-covering, unless they are exempt from such requirement under the Governor’s Executive Order No. 13A. This order shall not apply to any residential dwelling.
  1. Pursuant to Executive Order No. 13A issued by Governor Lamont,
  1. Any person who fails to wear a mask or cloth-face covering as required herein, other than a person who qualifies for exemption, shall be guilty of a violation and fined one hundred dollars. An employer, rather than the employee, is liable for the fine for any employee's failure to wear a required mask or cloth-face covering while at work.
  1. In any case in which a person is charged with a violation pursuant to this Order, the procedures set forth in Connecticut General Statutes shall apply for the issuance of a State Infraction for the fine of $100 in violation of statue.

Since that issuance in August, the Town has been in continual consultation with the Director of the West Hartford - Bloomfield Health District. It has been determined that a universal mask mandate is no longer necessary due to the fact that the Town of Bloomfield has a high vaccination rate, and regional case infection rates have dropped dramatically and continues to trend in a favorable direction.

Therefore Stanley D. Hawthorne, the Bloomfield Town Manager, has issued an order to repeal Bloomfield’s Emergency Order No. 2021-1 as of October 23, 2021 at 12:01 a.m.