FREE (PCR) COVID TESTING - 1161 Albany Ave, Hartford CT, 06112

Location: Corner of Albany Ave & Woodland Street - Parking available at King's Chapel Church of God parking lot on Woodland Street

Refer to the FAQs below and the flyer attached

Regarding Identification:
1.      What if a person is not from this country and does not have identification can they be tested?​ 
         Answer: Yes
2.      What if a person is not from this country and wants to be tested, what identification do you accept?  
         Answer: They just will need to provide an email address to receive results.  

Regarding Test Results:
3.      How does a person get their results?  ​
         Answer: Patients will receive and invitation to access their results through the patient Portal.
4.      What number does a person call if they have not received their testing results? ​
         Answer: They can call 800-298-6470 or email  They will assist with accessing results through the portal.  They cannot    provide results over the phone.
5.      What phone number does someone call for questions of the testing process?  
         Answer: They can call 800-298-6470 or email
6.      Are results still taking 2-3 business days?  ​
         Answer: Results are typically available in 24-48 hours.
7.      What if a person does not have email, how do they receive their results?  
         Answer: ​An email is required to receive results.  They can create an email account at the testing site if needed.  If someone is positive, they will receive a call from our Customer Service team.

Regarding Staffing:
8.      Do you have Spanish speaking staff present at the site every day?  
         Answer: ​We do our best to have Spanish speaking staff at locations.