Emergency Preparedness Planning

West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District works to prepare its staff and the community to be ready for any emergency impacting the public health. The staff continues to plan for infectious disease outbreaks, weapons of mass destruction, natural and man-made emergencies and a host of other scenarios. They are trained to work with other town departments as well as local, regional and state partners within the framework of the National Incident Management System.

All residents and businesses are strongly encouraged to plan to be self sufficient during bad weather events and any type of emergency. Everyone should have emergency contact information in their possession and a collection of drinking water, food and medication necessary for survival. Many people also need auxiliary power for medical equipment, extra oxygen and emergency caregivers. When planning for the family, everyone must also plan to feed, water and shelter their animals during an emergency whether it is a hamster, a horse or something in between.

Information to help you prepare can be found by visiting the following links:

For information regarding emergency food and equipment, search on the internet for "emergency supplies" or contact our offices at 860.561.7595.