American Rescue Plan Act

Bloomfield Survey

ARPA Survey InformationThe Town of Bloomfield wants to hear from you....Take the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) survey!

The Town of Bloomfield is planning for the best and most strategic use of Federal funds allocated through the American Resuce Plan Act of 2021 to address the public health crisis and the economic impacts of COVID-19.  Take the ARPA survey so that we can move forward together!!

There are four simple ways to submit your responses and ensure your voice is heard:

  1. Online: by visiting the Town’s ARPA Portal (;
  2. By Phone: call the Town Clerk’s Office at (860) 769-3507 to verbally provide your responses;
  3. By Mail: send a hardcopy of the survey to Bloomfield Town Hall, 800 Bloomfield Ave, Bloomfield, CT 06002;
  4. Dropbox: Fill out a hardcopy and drop it off at any Town Building.

The first week of survey results are in!  Please click on the below link to see a summary of the results:

Community Survey Results - week ending 5/20/22

Community Survey Results - week ending 5/31/22

Community Survey Results - week ending 6/6/22

Community Survey Results - week ending 6/14/22

See the Town of Bloomfield's full engagment plan for the ARPA funds below.  Be on the look out for the community outreach sessions that will be held in the coming months.  The Town of Bloomfield looks forward to the opportunity to discuss ARPA, the survey results and to have a conversation with our residents on all things ARPA!

APRA Engagement Plan