COVID-19: Surgical Masks Available for Small Businesses

For Essential Businesses under 50 employees (4/27/20)

The state has started taking requests from essential small businesses for surgical face masks.  The  two most important links for small businesses are shown below.  Once the request has been received by the state the Regions will be fulfilling the requests as they receive gear.  The small businesses will not have to pick the gear up.  The fulfilled requests will go through the Bloomfield Police Departments Emergency Operations Coordinator who will be getting the gear every Tuesday as the orders can be filled. The EOC will make sure each business that made a request that has been filled receives their gear. 

What are eligible, essential small businesses?
Eligible, essential small businesses must have 50 employees or less with a need for surgical masks.
The list of essential businesses is available here:

How do eligible, essential small businesses make a request?
Eligible, essential small businesses can make a request on the CBIA-CONNSTEP Portal at the following link: At this time, only surgical masks are available to eligible, essential small businesses.