Economic Development Commission

Persons who are hearing impaired and need services of an interpreter at a Town meeting must notify the Town of Bloomfield ADA Coordinator, Cindy Coville, at least two (2) weeks in advance of the meeting date. Cindy can be reached at (860) 769-3538 or at by email.

The Economic Development Commission was established by ordinance for the purpose of carrying out the powers conferred upon the town by Section 7-137b of Chapter 97 and by Chapter 131 of the General Statutes and by any and all laws amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto. The Economic Development Commission is the successor to the Development and Industrial Commission, and has the powers and duties that were vested in that commission.   Questions regarding Agendas or activities may be directed to José Giner, AICP, Director of Planning and Economic Development at 860-769-3514.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Jose Giner (860) 769-3514

Commission Members

Name Title
Bonnie Bercowetz Chair
Michelle Bononi Vice-Chair
Jerry Katrichis Member
Lenny Hudgen Member
Martin Geitz Member
Nyandah Robinson Member
Robert Firger Member
Siddiq Abdullah Member
Steve Zelman Member