Conservation, Energy, & Environment Committee

The Conservation, Energy, and Environment Committee (CEEC) has been given a number of charges by the Town Council:

  • The Committee may survey the community to determine needs for conservation, greenways, and open space, and make recommendations to the Town Council regarding such needs.
  • The Committee may research and make recommendations to the Town Council concerning energy conservation, use of alternative renewable energy, and participation in regional, state, and federal energy conservation and alternative renewable energy programs.
  • The Committee may advise the Town Council as to programs that will promote efficient energy usage in Bloomfield.
  • The Committee may investigate the nature, extent, causes, and sources of factors detrimental to the physical environment of the Town.
  • The Committee may investigate federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and programs pertaining to pollution control and abatement, and other aspects of environmental improvement.

For questions and comments for the committee, please contact the Chair by email.

Marianne Horn


Wesley David Hager


Vikki Reski


Valerie A. Rossetti


Zellene Sandler


Paula Jones