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The Town of Bloomfield has contracted with an executive search firm to find a new Town Manager. Input from residents, local business leaders, and town employees is extremely important as we find the next individual to lead the Town.

The Town Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town and reports to the Town Council. The Town Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Town, including appointment and supervision of all Town Staff; recommendation of policies, procedures, and ordinances; and the development of the Town's budget for the Town Council’s consideration and approval.

The Town Council requests your feedback regarding the position of Town Manager.  The Town Council believes it is important to solicit feedback regarding the characteristics and traits the new Town Manager should possess as well as the opportunities and challenges the person will be faced with when commencing employment with the Town. 

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Update on Bloomfield Town Manager Search - December 22, 2023

After the resignation of our previous Town Manager, the Town Council established a Selection Committee, which was comprised of Mayor Danielle C. Wong, Deputy Mayor Anthony C. Harrington, and Town Council Member Joseph P. Merritt. The Selection Committee worked closely with our consultant, GovHRUSA, over the past few months to develop a recruitment profile, advertise and interview for the position. The process culminated in a two-day visit to Bloomfield by our candidate Ms. Sharon Eveland. Ms. Eveland met with the Town’s Department Heads and key staff, and many stakeholders, while also taking tours of the community. Her visit ended with a public forum on Wednesday evening, December 21st, where the public was welcomed to attend to ask questions and listen to the responses of the candidates. 

Here are some specific details of the search to date:

    The Consultant met with the Selection Committee in August, and it was agreed to meet with the Town Council members, Department Directors and key staff, and community stakeholders to solicit input for the recruitment brochure. The consultants discussed with all those interviewed the characteristics and traits they would like to see in the next Town Manager, as well as the opportunities and challenges the new Town Manager would face upon arriving in Bloomfield. These meetings were held in early to mid-September.

    There was also a dedicated email set up for the selection process – where residents could provide input. 

    After input was received from the Town Council, Department Heads and key staff, community stakeholders and the public, the recruitment brochure and candidate profile was developed and approved by the Town Council. The position was advertised in late September, with a deadline to apply of October 31. 

    24 individuals applied for the position.

    The consultant identified fourteen applicants to review further, and the Screening Committee agreed for the consultant to review nine of those fourteen applicants. 

    The vetting process consisted of a Zoom interview with each candidate, additional paperwork about the candidates’ backgrounds and supplemental questions about their technical experience as well as questions regarding what is occurring in Bloomfield today. There was also a search of print media through Factiva and social media.

    During the vetting process, four candidates withdrew, at least one of whom was concerned about the residency requirement leaving five candidates for consideration.

    The candidates cover letters, resumes, background paperwork, technical question responses and the questions responses related to what is occurring in Bloomfield were submitted to the Screening Committee just before the Thanksgiving holiday for review. After reviewing the materials with the consultant, it was agreed to interview three of the five candidates. 

    On November 30, the Screening Committee interviewed those three candidates. It then agreed to recommend two candidates as Finalists for the Town Manager’s position. One of those candidates subsequently withdrew from the process, leaving one candidate for consideration for the position of Town Manager, Ms. Sharon Eveland. 

    Ms. Eveland was interviewed by the full Town Council on December 13th. As a result of that interview, she was invited to come to Bloomfield the week of December 18th to meet all of us in person. 

Yesterday, we learned that Ms. Eveland has respectfully withdrawn her candidacy for the position of Town Manager. In an email to our consultant, Ms. Eveland stated the following: 

“Good morning, I am writing to let you know that, upon further reflection, I am making the difficult decision to withdraw from consideration for the position of Town Manager.  I truly enjoyed meeting everyone and getting to know the community.  Bloomfield has an amazing group of staff, and the Council seems well-poised to achieve some incredible things.  However, I have come to realize that I am not the best fit for Bloomfield at this time.  I genuinely wish Bloomfield all the best.”

Following the interview process, the Town Council has mutually agreed with this decision. 

Pursuant to the Town Charter (Section 2-3), Assistant Town Manager, Ms. Sharron Howe will serve as Acting Town Manager after the departure of Mr. Schenck, our Interim Town Manager, effective December 28th. The permanent town manager search will resume after the holidays.

We thank those that came out and have provided feedback on the process to date. The residents and community stakeholders of Bloomfield remain a huge part of this search and your feedback through the process will guide us in finding the ideal candidates for this role, and help the Town Council in making a final decision. 

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We’ll use this feedback to create a leadership profile of the next TownManager, so our search firm, GovHR, knows what type of person we’re looking for.

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